“Our mission is to provide healthy living and working environments to enhance the quality of life and human potential for our residents, tenants, and employees. We do that by building creative and diverse teams focused on delivering care and services with purpose, compassion, and kindness to the communities we serve.”

Cornerstone Management (“Cornerstone”), located in Rochester, Minnesota is a full service, Licensed Brokerage and Health Care Management company. Cornerstone brings a unique blend of management experience, passion for residents, entrepreneurial spirit and family values to an organization. Cornerstone provides management services to numerous buildings and employs over 300 employees across the Midwest. Cornerstone manages Multi-family, Commercial, and Association Management services. In addition, Cornerstone is a Comprehensive Healthcare License company, and a HUD approved management organization.

Cornerstone offers a dedicated team of seasoned accountants, human resource experts, experienced health care professionals and a hands-on approach that is unmatched in the industry. A Cornerstone Client will have a true “working partnership” with Cornerstone. A healthy bottom line for Cornerstone’s property owners are the key interests to be considered. Cornerstone’s successful track record in managing properties for others is founded on their strong commitment to high-quality responsiveness to owners’ concerns; questions and direction.

Cornerstone is proud to work with a variety of different ownership structures including city municipalities, individual investors, family owners, homeowners associations, international investors and corporations. The principals at Cornerstone bring not-for-profit experience as well, having served on or currently serving on boards including 360 Communities (formerly Community Action Council), Homeward Bound and Zumbro Valley Mental Health Board. Cornerstone is a proud sponsor for the Arc Golf Tournament. We are apart of the Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado.

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At Bloom we invest in and develop communities as well as mixed-use developments integrating aesthetics, quality living and value-added offerings. Each project is carefully crafted to add clear value to its surroundings and target audience. Our developments range from residential areas and community resorts in well-connected transit areas to commercial offices and retail spaces. We place great importance on the end user’s needs to insure a highly rewarding lifestyle in Bloom communities.

Bloom Properties is one of the UAE’s foremost real estate companies, committed to building, operating and investing in premium communities and enriching the lives of our customers through the development and management of real estate, education and hospitality assets. Bloom Properties is driven by its vision to go beyond the buyer and investors’ expectations through design and partnerships with best in class providers to meet the aspirations of new urban communities in their demand for a better lifestyle and quality of life.

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As a customer-focused organization, people are at the center of our vision to design and develop integrated communities in favoured locations that combine all components of luxury, leisure, comfort and modern lifestyle and meet the varied tastes and expectations of people in line with the best international standards. Our passion for excellence drives us forward and helps us maintain our place at the forefront of the industry, making us a synonym for quality and reliability.


Through innovation, quality, diversity, relevance and extraordinary service, we are committed to creating and managing sustainable developments and master-planned communities that enrich the lives of our customers and cater to the well-being and professional fulfillment of our employees. Using best-in-class standards throughout our processes, we are dedicated to continuously meet and exceed expectations and serve the community needs at large.