As a company with years of Commercial Property Management experience, Cornerstone realizes success is based on delivering quality service to every tenant every day. Cornerstone is accountable to the Client for ensuring projects are managed according to budgeted expectations. Cornerstone’s role is guided by a simple premise, “deliver high quality service at a fair value.”


The ability to operate an efficient property investment requires excellent administrative staffing. The Operations Manager is supported by an administrative staff that is detailed-oriented and experienced in assisting tenants. The Operations Manager, administrative staff and accounting department work together to provide consistent high quality service that promotes trust with the client in their contractual relationship with Cornerstone.

Marketing & Leasing

Cornerstone leasing agents ensure that each property is marketed through the most efficient and effective channels of advertising. Marketing within a broad brokerage network, Cornerstone leasing personnel effectively create a high level of awareness for each assigned property. Management successfully assists the leasing team through physical improvements, hands on management, and superior communication. Client’s will have a working partnership with Cornerstone toward reaching their marketing and leasing goals.


The physical asset is an expensive investment and one that needs constant attention. Cornerstone has onsite and on-call maintenance staffing as well as an Operations Manager to ensure quality standards are achieved daily. In operating a property, Cornerstone believes the maintenance staff’s role is to assist the owners/tenants with facility needs in their units as well as the overall property maintenance. A quick and timely response to all maintenance requests is our priority. Calls are answered and issues are addressed promptly.