Senior Living Management

Specializing in Senior Housing Management. Cornerstone Management is a Comprehensive Healthcare License Provider.

Commercial Management

With years of Commercial Management experience, Cornerstone realizes success is based on delivering quality service to every tenant every day.

Multi-Family Housing

Promoting affordable and well-maintained rental properties. Cornerstone Management understands the need to make residents feel at home.


Cornerstone Management Services is responsible for all hiring and direct supervision of onsite personnel for each managed project. They are: recruitment and selection, payroll and benefit administration, and applicant screening (including background checks, personality profile, etc). Cornerstone  Management Services provides each employment handbook containing written policies and guidelines. In its effort to recruit the very best industry talent, Cornerstone  Management Services offers competitive salary and benefits programs.

Cornerstone’s Experience

Cornerstone Management (“Cornerstone”), located in Rochester, Minnesota is a full service management company that brings a unique blend of management experience, passion for residents, entrepreneurial spirit and family values to an organization. Cornerstone provides Multi-family, Commercial, and Association services. In addition, Cornerstone is a Class F licensed health care company, and a HUD approved management organization.


All owner and third party required monthly financials, reporting and cash management are handled by Cornerstone  Management Services. Cornerstone’s seasoned accounting team, provides all required financial and accounting functions for day to day property management functions. Cornerstone utilizes Great Plains accounting and management software system.

Monthly rent rolls move in/move out schedules, accounts payable/receivable, occupancy and other owner selected reports are sent to the owners on a predetermined schedule. Providing timely and accurate property information tailored to the owner requirements is a cornerstone to the Cornerstone Property Management Services approach. Customized property management reports may be created and distributed per request.

The ability to operate an efficient property requires excellent administrative staffing. The Operations Director requires support staffs that are detailed-oriented and have a passion to serve others. The written materials distributed to Owners or Board of Directors is keenly tailored to each property. The Operations Director guides the entire team through education and regular review of written materials presented on a regular basis. The Operations Director, administrative staff and accounting department work together to achieve clear, consistent and accurate billing statements and financial statements that promote trust in the contractual relationship with Cornerstone.

Marketing & Leasing

The relationship a resident forms with the marketing associate or on-site management is critical. Cornerstone’s property management services platform emphasizes relationship continuity and employee satisfaction as key features in maintaining high occupancy and strong member relationships. Cornerstone Property Management Services will assist with development of annual marketing plans, market assessments, and on-going marketing and customer service training for on-site management and marketing committee members.


The physical asset is an expensive investment and one that needs constant attention. Cornerstone has onsite and on-call maintenance staffing as well as a Director of Maintenance to ensure quality standards are achieved daily. In operating a property, Cornerstone believes the maintenance staff’s role is to assist the owners/tenants with facility needs in their units as well as the overall property maintenance. A quick and timely response to all maintenance requests is our priority. Calls are answered and issues are addressed promptly.