Community Director Description

Responsible for overall leadership, management, and success of assigned community, which includes financial management, employee management, resident services, family services, building management, quality assurance and regulatory compliance consistent with best practices, and all other related campus management. Create and maintain a positive community for residents, family and friends, and all team members by aligning community with Cornerstone’s mission and values through resident first philosophy. Key components include the successful management of sales and marketing to ensure maximization of revenue and market position. Community Director reports to the Regional Director of Operations (RDO).


Responsible for managing, directing, and supervising the following functions: Maintenance, Resident Support Staff, Leads, Nurses, Activity Staff, Culinary and Housekeeping, Director of Health Services, other staff as necessary.

  • Establishes and implements departmental policies, goals, objectives, and procedures, conferring with management and staff as necessary.
  • Determines staffing requirements. Interviews, hires, and trains new employees in conjunction with RDO.
  • Provides consistent and timely orientation and ongoing training to team members.
  • Ensures professional appearance and presentation of staff.
  • Maintains appropriate staff level, preventing overtime and maintaining budget.
  • Plans and executes labor schedule and completes timekeeping practices and payroll ensuring hours worked are properly recorded and paid. Monitor staff attendance guidelines.
  • Provides leadership and direction through timely completion of performance appraisals, goal setting and conferences with employees as needed. Utilize conflict resolution that achieves positive outcomes.
  • Provides feedback and counseling on a timely and continuous basis to employees
  • Facilitates ongoing, positive employee relations. Addresses employee concerns directly decreasing turnover and increasing employee engagement.
  • Embraces and supports workforce diversity.
  • Demonstrates the ability to identify and build relationships within the local area that drives business into the community.
  • Works closely with RDO to communicate strategy on effectively pricing the apartments and services to maximize top-line revenue growth and achieve appropriate market position.
  • Works closely with the RDO in all marketing efforts, support and guidance in daily duties and overall strategies.
  • Achieves and maintains occupancy goals of the community.
  • Works with Region Nurse Manager, Registered Nurse and RDO to ensure marketing success and ongoing team training. Develops and maintains customer relations database and generates new leads through community involvement.
  • Achieves high resident retention through a focus on excellence in service.
  • Acts as a liaison between management company/residents and/or resident’s families.
  • Maintains proactive communication with resident’s family members or responsible parties via calls, care conferences and written communication.
  • Oversees the planning of in-house family events and encourages family involvement.
  • Effectively resolves customer concerns through consistent use of problem resolution.
  • Achieves outstanding customer engagement and team member engagement survey results; leads and develops regular review of engagement improvement plan.
  • Interprets and communicates information regarding financials to meet resident needs
  • Assures all resident services provide excellent responsiveness and quality per customer satisfaction.
  • Strives to improve profitability year over year in line with management/owner expectations.
  • Assists in the preparation and adherence to the community budget.
  • Ensures budgeted revenue is achieved or exceeded by maximizing occupancy and apartment rate.
  • Reviews monthly financial statements, implement plan of action for deficiencies.
  • Manages key, non-labor operating costs in line with budgeted levels.
  • Processes, approves, and submits monthly expenses, invoices and budget data to Accounting for processing. Effectively manage collections process.
  • Meets NOI expectations and manages P&L for the site.
  • Strives for excellent quality care and service; takes immediate action with any concerns.
  • Develops thorough working knowledge of state regulations, policies and procedures dictated for residents and ensure compliance.
  • Ensures all resident administrative files and employee files are well-maintained, current and in compliance with government regulations.
  • Prepares and follows up on survey process.
  • Provides leadership and promotion of all safety policies and procedures; ensure community is in compliance with OSHA requirements.
  • Reviews all incident reports; ensures corrective actions are in place in a timely manner.
  • Makes sure building is sound, in good repair; reports and corrects issues that could endanger/effect integrity.
  • Performs other responsibilities as assigned by RDO.

Required Skills & Abilities

  • Customer Focus. Responds to customer needs in a timely and courteous manner. Treats customers with dignity and respect. Deals with confidential information appropriately.
  • Have good listening skills. Communicates in a clear and concise manner. Keeps others informed and shares information appropriately.
  • Problem Solving. Assesses what needs to be done and responds accordingly. Suggests solutions to problems. Makes good decisions.
  • Cooperates and puts forth a good effort to achieve the work group’s goals. Offers to assist co-workers. Appreciates individual differences and is willing to accept other’s opinions.
  • Meets attendance and punctuality expectations. Follows responsibilities through to completion. Accepts responsibility for his/her decisions and actions.
  • Uses proper body mechanics. Follows safety policies and procedures. Ensures that work areas are orderly; clean and free of hazards.
  • Completes assignments and duties in a timely manner. Prioritizes tasks and manages time well.
  • Quality Improvement. Works to prevent error and to improve processes and services.
  • Must be able to work irregular hours, occasional weekends, and evenings.

Education & Experience Requirements

  • Holds a valid ALD License.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in social work, recreational therapy, gerontology, health care administration, nursing or related field.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in resident service coordination, resident and family support systems, marketing and community outreach.
  • Knowledge of the elderly and an aptitude for understanding needs of seniors
  • Three to five years of related work experience.

Physical Requirements

  • Not Applicable


  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • 401(k) matching
  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Flexible spending account

Current Openings



  • Location: Weston, WI
    Property: Granite Falls Place
    Type/Schedule: Full-Time - Salary - Exempt

Hired candidates will be required to successfully complete a criminal background check, valid references, pre-employment drug test, and other pre-employment practices as required by law. EOE.

About Cornerstone Management

Cornerstone Management believes in creating healthy living environments for our senior communities. Our management services offer a unique blend of senior management experience, passion for the well being of residents, entrepreneurial spirit and family values. Cornerstone believes the interests of our residents and healthy bottom line for the property owner are the key interests to be considered.